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Terms and Conditions


You are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $75 and a deposit of $500 USD in order to secure your spot in the Japan Bound Experience Program OR a $350 program fee for the Japan Bound Exchange. Your spot will not be secured until we receive your deposit (Experience) or program fee (Exchange). The program fee for Japan Bound Exchange is fully refundable for cancellations made before 7 days of the program's listed start date. If we do not receive your program fee within one week of your application being submitted, your child's position in the program will be forfeited. We accept late applications, however we cannot guarantee that such applications will be accommodated. An additional fee may be charged for accommodating late applications.


Deposit can be paid by credit card through Stripe on Moment's secure platform, or by check made payable to GPI US Inc. and mailed to:

GPI US Inc. 
800 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 200
Los Angeles, CA 90017



The $350 program fee is a one time payment and covers the duration of the program. The deposit is fully refundable for cancellations made more than 7 days before the listed start date of the program, and a 50% refund is available within 7 days of the program start date. Subsequent payments can be made in monthly installments or in one lump sum determined at the time of registration. If you complete your registration within 7 days of the listed start date, the program fee will be due within 24 hours of the completion of the registration to secure your spot. Normal refund policy applies. Exceptions may apply. 


All credit card and PayPal payments (other than the initial $500 deposit) are subject to a 3% fee for Visa, Mastercard, Discover or PayPal payments, and a 4% convenience fee for American Express payments.



After completing your registration, you will receive an email that contains an acknowledgment form. If you have not received such email within 24-hours of registration, please contact us either by email at or by calling us at (781) 539-5785 and leaving a message.


Please pay your program fee within one week of your registration. We will not secure your child's spot in the program until after receiving the deposit. Applications are submitted through our communication and registration platform, Moment. Applications received outside of regular business hours (M-F 9-5am EST) will be processed the next business day. All forms that must be completed by parents and any other important information can be found on the respective Moment pages for each program. Hard copies of the essential legal/medical forms can be mailed to participants upon request. Our contract and release must be signed by all custodial parents (or guardians) and the participant. There are serious penalties for violation of certain rules, including a participant being sent home at the parents’/guardians’ expense. Our participants are expected to comply with all of our rules and regulations.


We are committed to keeping your information safe and will never disclose or share any of your/your child’s personal, medical or financial information to anyone without your express consent. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have implemented physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online and through mail. You can review our Privacy Policy here at



The program fee is fully refundable until 7 days prior to the listed start date for the program you have applied for. Within 7 days of the program start date, you're eligible for a 50% refund. After the program start date, the program fee is non-refundable. 


Participants will be dismissed from the program if they violate our rules and regulations. Such participants will forfeit their tuition and access to our online learning platform and any other content for the protection of our other participants. 



You and the participant hereby grant permission to GPI US and its affiliates and subsidiaries to take and use: photographs, digital images, videotapes, audio recordings or quoted remarks of participants for use in reports, bulletins, news releases, website and/or promotional materials of GPI US and its affiliates and subsidiaries. You and the participant acknowledge and understand that, by signing this form, this permission cannot be withdrawn at a later stage and you are not entitled to payment now or in the future with respect to photographs, digital images, videotapes, audio recordings or quoted remarks of the participants. You may request to have your photo consent removed by e-mailing



You are expected to disclose any physical or mental conditions of the participant that may potentially affect the participant’s ability to participate in the program. Withholding such information will be a violation of our contract and we will seek all remedies for damages caused by such violation. This obligation continues until the program is completed and you are required to report to us any additional conditions discovered after the completion of your registration.

We require all participants to submit their medical forms by March 1st or within 1 week of submitting your deposit (if applying after the March 1st deadline). 



We reserve the right to dismiss any participant for disruptive, unbecoming, immoral or disobedient behavior at our sole discretion. Dismissed participants will lose access to all course content and platforms. Such Participants will forfeit their tuition and will be responsible for additional costs incurred in connection with their early dismissal. If participants encounter or witness others committing any offense, they must immediately notify a trip leader or our staff.


GPI US Inc. reserves the right to cancel or change the program itinerary, location, dates or duration for any reason at any time. You are solely responsible for any expenses incurred in connection with such cancellation or change.



In the event that there is a dispute or claim arising out the foregoing terms and conditions and the participation of the program, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.



This Agreement shall be governed by and enforceable under the laws of California. 



Any dispute arising out of the foregoing terms and conditions and the participation of the program shall be submitted to and determined exclusively by binding arbitration in conformity with the procedures of the California Arbitration Act (Cal. Code Civ. Proc. Sec 1280 et seq., including section 1283.05 and the Act’s other mandatory and permissive rights to discovery).  The arbitrator shall be a retired California Superior Court Judge and shall be subject to disqualification on the same grounds as would apply to a judge of such court.  To the extent applicable in civil actions in California courts, the following shall apply and be observed; all rules of pleading (including the right of demurrer), all rules of evidence, and all rights to resolution of the dispute by means of motions for summary judgement, judgment on the pleadings, and judgment under Code of Civil Procedure Section 631.8.  All expenses and costs which are specific to the arbitration, including the arbitrator’s fees and any costs of conducting an arbitration which would not occur otherwise, shall be bore equally by each party. 



I have accurately and fully completed this online registration form, and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions. I will promptly review all materials provided by GPI US and complete all forms that are necessary. I give my permission for my child to participate in GPI US Japan Bound program activities conducted by GPI US or a subcontractor and fully release and waive GPI US, its affiliates and subsidiaries and its contractors from any and all liability associated with, arising out of, or related to the program participation.

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